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MHR Consultancy

MHR is a long established and pro-active firm of accountants that provides the traditional services you would expect of a good accountant but with the emphasis on supporting you throughout the year and not just at the year-end.

We offer a comprehensive set of services, including HR and business reviews that allow you to keep most of your administration under one supplier.

We are not just another firm of accountants – we work with you throughout the year advising you on the financial aspects of your business so that you achieve a lot more than statutory compliance.


Latest news and resources

VAT Returns

HMRC have changed the way penalties are calculated for late filing and/or payment of VAT returns. This includes nil and repayment claims.

Under the new regime late submission penalties will work on a points-based system. For each return you submit late, you will receive a penalty point until you reach the penalty point threshold. When you reach the threshold, you’ll receive a £200 penalty.

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