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Essential HR Checklist for Employers

HR is becoming an increasing minefield for business owners to navigate and this is why MHR has taken the decision to invest in staff in this area. The following are areas that business owners should be aware of and for which our HR specialist can assist with if needed, please get in touch

Recruitment Process


Ensure you are compliant for the necessary laws relating to:​

  • References

  • Equal opportunities statements

  • Interview questions

  • Visa requirements

  • DBS requirements

  • Up to date contracts and job description



  • Handbook

  • Payroll and pensions

  • Policies and procedures

  • Appraisals

  • Disciplinary, grievance and capability processes

  • Sickness processes

  • Pay reviews

  • Redundancy



  • Induction

  • Mandatory training

  • Training sign off

  • Probation periods and reviews



  • Notice periods

  • Process of resigning

  • Process for dismissal

  • GDPR compliance for storage of employee files​

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