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Company Secretarial

We act as Company Secretary for a large number of our clients.


We also provide a "Registered Office" service, which reduces the volume of paperwork our clients have to handle.


The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with all issues of corporate governance. The main areas of responsibility are:

  • Report to shareholders and directors regarding accounts and other matters as required by law

  • Carry out relevant actions in servicing shareholders – dividends, shares option schemes etc 

  • To organise meetings of the Board and the Annual General Meeting

  • Preparation of relevant paperwork such as Agendas and taking of minutes

  • Maintaining of records to include register of members, directors and secretaries

  • Monitor changes of legislation and/or codes of practice relating to "Corporate Governance"

  • Liaising with relevant legal, financial or governmental bodies

  • Ensuring compliance of Health and Safety issues

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