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Accountant at Work
Statutory Accounts

If you are a limited company or registered charity you are required to be file statutory accounts with the relevant authorities within 9 or 10 months respectively of the financial year end of the company. If you are an incorporated charity the earlier deadline applies.

MHR provides support in this area by:

  • Reminding you when your accounts are due

  • Preparing the accounts from your records (assuming we are not performing the book-keeping)

  • Explaining the accounts once prepared to ensure you are fully aware of what you are signing and the position of the company/charity at the year end

  • Ensuring the format of the accounts complies with the latest statutory regulations and the correct format is used for sending to Companies House

  • Preparing the IXBRL format of the accounts that is required for the Corporation Tax as well as the abbreviated accounts that have to be filed with Companies House

Corporation Tax

Corporation tax is a tax on the profits of limited companies and other "corporate bodies" and can affect other organisations including clubs, societies, associations and charities.

MHR offers a comprehensive service in this area and can support you by:

  • Using your accounts and other records prepare your corporation tax return and advise of your tax liability

  • Assessing your possible liability for tax on capital gains

  • Advising you on your responsibilities and what you have to do

  • Telling you when you have to do it and the time scale of compliance

  • Filing your Company Tax returns online

  • If there are major changes in the laws and regulations in corporation tax rules, we will assess the impact on your company and support you with any changes

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